Talktofoodlion – Talk to Food Lion Survey – Win $500

Talktofoodlion – The corporation’s name is Food Lion, and here the company has decided to praise the people who have come to visit there some of the time in the restaurant, so they give them a prize of $500 on their end of the survey.



The company has also decided to take a study found on its official website that is, which is an online program where you can send your honest response rendering to your visit in the survey.

The business wants to differentiate what peoples think about the service and products of this company. If the company believes in any fault in their favor, they can improve it. But then, regular customers can be invited to participate in this survey.

So the corporation wants people that they will straight their feedback after they complete their visit in the survey.


How to Take a Food Lion Survey?

To join the Food Lion survey visit the site of the company is; then, the people should have to put their PIN code that can be found on their receipt. But if you have no PIN code, you can enter the security number.

Now you can mention the time and the date on which you are going to take a visit, then tell me about your age, whether you are the age eighteen or not, after it answers all the questions that can be found on your screen. You must also give your contact details like your name, password and phone number.


Benefits and Awards

Food Lion wants to keep its customers happy with its services, so it wants their feedback so that it can know what its customers want from them. It wants to feel unique to its users, so they have decided to give them some prize. As a prize, the lucky winners can get a $500 Food Lion gift card award when they finish their Food Lion survey.

Rules or conditions

  • The Food Lion worker or any family relative can not take a survey in this company.
  • To enter a valid email id is necessary if you are going to take a survey in this Food Lion.
  • After putting all the details, you must wait 5 to 10 minutes to start your survey, so make patient.
  • If you are thinking about giving your reward or any prize to anyone else will not be accepted, so make sure about it.
  • With the help of the Food Lion receipt, the customers can take a survey for a single time.


About the Food Lion

The Food Lion is the best store of all the groceries; the name was first known as Food Tone, but after some time, this chain was owned by another group that changed its name to Food Chain, and now it has operated by a person named by Ahold Delhaize.

The name of this company opens many stores; also, the company has some stores in Thailand.


So to make your survey process easy and simple, you can take the help of this image which carries all the essential details about the Food Lion services. But if you know more about the company, you can open the page of its official site, or you can also take help by calling on their customer service team number 1-800-210-9569.

On the other hand, if you have completed your survey visit and have enjoyed it here, please tell me about your experience with the company’s survey.


Talktofoodlion FAQs

  • What was the nature of the worker of the Food Lion?

Answer – If you are looking for an excellent place to stay for some time then you can go to Food Lion firm because here you can get good staff and their nature is so calm, so they are always for the help of the people.

  • Who are not eligible to take a survey in Food Lion?

Answer – The employee who has recently joined the company as a job and any family member of the Fion lion’s staff are not allowed to take a stay in this survey directly or indirectly.

  • How many entries are allowed with a single receipt of the Food Lion?

Answer – The people can take a survey in Food Lion only for five times more than their receipt will not be allowed them to take a survey.